The Agency Rulebook

We make our own rules.
And then we break them.

The Agency was founded for real estate agents by real estate agents, who aspired to progress and modernize the industry. Co-Founders Mauricio Umansky and Billy Rose set out to foster a culture of partnership, where agents could share their knowledge and spheres of influence. Basically, we threw out the rulebook and created our own.

That’s just our style.

Rule #1: No Assholes

We choose character and culture over suits and ties.

Rule #2: Have Fun

We have a unique perspective on the world that drives our business, fuels innovation and fosters creativity.

Rule #3: Stay Hungry

We began as disruptors, and disruptors we shall remain.

Rule #4: All for One and One for All

When you work with one of us, you work with all of us.

Rule #5: We’re Here to Serve

Anticipating needs and going the extra mile is just our standard.

Rule #6: Make Some Noise

We’ve elected to stand apart, be ourselves, have our voices heard.

Rule #7: Tell It Like It Is

We make the headlines black, white and red all over. And leave them wanting more.

Rule #8: More of the Same is Never an Option

Because following the crowd will take you no further than the crowd.

Rule #9: Dare to Dream

We seek out like-minded rebels, who embrace our core standards of integrity, collaboration and creativity.

Rule #10: Rules Were Meant to Be Broken

Except No Assholes. We’re firm on that one.

A Global Presence

The Agency has offices in some of the world’s most coveted markets with locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.

Real Estate Services

  • Residential
  • Luxury Leasing
  • Vacation Rental
  • New Development
  • Commercial

The Power of The Agency

In everything we do, our focus is to add value, drive business forward and continually adapt to remain ahead of the curve.

  • 75+ Offices | 1500+ Agents | 10 Countries
  • $57.4B in Total Sales Volume | $11.27B in 2021 Sales Volume
  • $9.4M Average Annual Sales per Agent Globally
  • $1.6M Average Global Sales Price
  • 320 Staff Serve 1,500+ Agents